Privacy policy

We want all our rules to be clear and transparent, so that our users know that their information is safe and stored in the right way.
Below we present how we protect your privacy and explain the rules governing gathering, processing and using information about our users.
A bit about us

  1. The owner and administrator of the is Crowd Design Limited liability company with residence in Wrocław (50-306) by 6-10 Karola Miarki Street premises 44, Tax Identification Number 8982206918, REGON number 022354689, KRS number 0000513418 company’s share capital 1.593.000,00 PLN paid in full.

Personal information
  1. First of all, we do not share nor sell your personal information to unauthorised persons.
  2. When using our site, you remain anonymous for as long as you like, and information stemming from general rules of internet connections is only gathered for statistical purposes, for page administration and to ensure effective delivery of hosting services. What’s important - this information is not associated with individual people browsing our site.
  3. What information is that? Among all: number and source of page visits, duration of visit, browsed content, number and type of opened subpages, used referrals, browser information or the computer’s IP number.
  4. People who do not have legal capacity should not order or subscribe to our services, unless their legal guardians give their consent, and such consent is sufficient under applicable law.

When you submit your information
  1. Most of our sites are available without submitting personal information, only some services require a sign up. If you want to use one of those services (e.g. by creating a freelancer profile in the directory or by ordering a search for a freelancer), you will have to complete a form and submit your private information, such as:
    1. first and last name,
    2. address,
    3. phone number
    4. and e-mail address.
Terms of Service for individual services can mention other personal information you will have to submit to use that service. The information will be processed by us for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations that stem from the placed order. This information is not shared with third parties, unless:
  1. we are given prior consent from the person concerned
  2. or if we are legally obliged to share such information.
  3. If you participate in contests we organize, remember that you are bound by the rules of the contest too, which might include disclosure of your information to the public, as the winner or a person whose work was distinguished in the contest.
  4. If you are using paid services or products, your personal information can also be used for payment settlement purposes and to settle disputes connected to it.

When you publish your information
  1. Remember that your activity in public parts of our Portal, e.g. in the forum, or the freelancers’ directory, makes you share your information also to third parties, that is - to everyone who visits those parts of the site. Information shared during such activities are not subject to this Policy.

Safety of your information
  1. The information you share with us is stored on professional equipment in properly secured data storage centre, to which only authorised people have access to. Our technology is secure in a way to minimize the chance of losing any of the information as a result of a breakdown or hacking.
  2. You too should take care of the safety of your information. We do not take responsibility for the losses you sustain caused by using a computer that is unsecured and not protected with any antivirus, connected to the internet, especially for you having your system and inbox hacked, your login and password stolen by third parties and your computer infected by viruses.

The right to view and remove your information
  1. Remember that you have the right to view your personal information stored on our sites and to correct and update it.
  2. You also have the right to know if and how we use your personal information and to demand it to be deleted from our database.
  3. However, we can refuse to delete the information if the user has not settled all their financial obligations, violated the Terms of Service of our site, of one of our services or the applicable law, and storing this user’s personal information is necessary for clarifying the situation and establishing the liability of the User.

  1. We are open to all ideas, suggestions and questions. In matters connected to privacy policy, personal information, copyright, write to us on: [email protected]