A guide to managing your contests

Remember - even if your contest has already begun, you still have a big influence on its course.
Constant communication with namers / designers will help you refine your vision, while distinguishing any stand-out work will point everyone else in the right direction. This way you can maximize your chance of getting the perfect name / design.

We've written down all the basic actions you can perform as a contest holder below.

  1. Adding global comments.

    Here you can you can write a comment about the contests for all participants to see.

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  1. Adding comments to the uploaded work

    Click on the corresponding thumbnail and go to the uploaded work page to share your thoughts with the author.

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  1. Voting on the uploaded work

    This feature allows everyone to vote for their favourite entries. This way you'll have all the entries sorted by rating.


  1. Distinguishing a stand out entry

    The marked entry will be brought to the top of the list and the author will get additional points, allowing him to get on a higher 'level' quicker.


  1. Rejecting entries

    If the entry turns out to be completely off the mark, you can click on the "x" icon and bring it to the bottom of the list. This not only keeps your contest cleaner but also, if you comment on your decision, users will try to avoid the described mistakes in the future.

  1. Extending the contest deadline

    If you would like to get more entries before selecting the winner, you can extend the contest duration for another 7 days. Depending on the package you`ve chosen, this operation can be free of charge or additional payment will be required.

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  1. Reporting abuse

    If you think one of the entries is against the terms of agreement (or simply is a blatant rip-off) you can report it to our administrators who will look into the case immediately.

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  1. Sharing your contest on social media

    You can share your contest on Facebook and invite your friends to vote for their favourite entries.

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