How it works

Post a brief

Start a contest and set the budget. Budget already covers prize money for the contestant and our commission.

Get dozens of ideas

Users that decide to participate in your contest start uploading their ideas.

Pick the winner

Choose the best idea and aquire the copyrights.

Where to start?

Click on the "start a contest" tab in the top menu. Choose your budget. When the order is finalized and your contest activated, users will start uploading their work.

Which package should I choose?

A higher budget will attract better users, so you`ll get more high-quality custom names. Also, you`ll get access to various additional contest options (like hiding entries from other contestants, extended deadline...) which will further improve the end results.

How is this better?

Only by running a name contest you are guaranteed to get so many ideas in such a short time, at such a great price. Nothing can beat that.

What happens during a contest?

Contestants upload their ideas which you can rate, comment or reject if necessary. You can also add "global" messages visible for all users, in order to guide them in a certain direction. After 7 days you choose the winner.

How to pick the winner?

After your contest ends you can choose the winning entry from the control panel. The winner will transfer the copyrights to you - the new owner.

How does the satisfaction guarantee work?

You decide which option is best for you! You can start a contest with guaranteed prize for contestants, ensuring the greatest commitment from the users or opt out this option, and then withdraw the prize in case you don`t like any idea. In both cases, it is you who gains.