Copyright protection, let's respect the work of others

The issue of copyright and its protection is a very important subject to us. Therefore, we want to present here our stance on the content, graphics and other designs that are a result of creative activity of an individual who publishes on our portals.

Remember that ignorance of a regulation does not relieve you from complying with it - the fact that a file is commonly available on the internet does not mean that it is legal to distribute it without asking for consent. Always try to check the licence and copyright information of every work.

1.  Our content, graphic designs and other own creations

We are informing you that copyright of the information, material or trademarks on our portals belongs to Crowd Design sp. z o.o. or the Company owns appropriate rights allowing it to use the material, information or trademarks.

Don’t use it before you ask for permission. We do not give consent to copy, reproduce and use a part or the entire information, images, graphics, html codes or other elements from our portals in electronic or any other form until you receive a written consent.

Content, guides, tutorials published on our portals can only be used for your own personal use. If you have any doubts if the usage goes beyond what is permitted, contact us and ask for consent.

2. Material of our users

Users share through our portals such material as graphic designs, contests or links to other pages. This material belongs to them and is subject to normal copyright laws and protection according to relevant provisions. We do not have control over said material and we do not take responsibility for it, nor for the right to publish it.  

However we do react to reports about alleged copyright infringement - if you see someone post works or content on our portals that they have no rights to - report it as soon as possible. After verifying each report, we will decide on what to do with the user.

3. Publishing own material on our portals and its processing

Don’t worry - publishing your own works on our portals doesn’t give us any rights to use, copy or process them, unless we make an agreement that says otherwise. You will be clearly informed each time we want to enter such an agreement, and you will always have the right to reject such form of cooperation.

Remember however that part of our service is about selling graphic designs and presenting your material to third parties, so you have to carefully think through what you want to present on our portals.

We assume that if there are any material such as trademarks, images of people, etc. in your works, then they do not infringe on rights, goods and interests of third parties, as well as applicable laws, and above all, that you have the consent of people in the photographs to take the picture and use it for your self-promotional and marketing purposes, including its publication on the internet, in a gallery, on a website, etc.